Welcome 2016 with the new and useful Web Design Trends!

Web DesignSeattle web design consists of many technologies and skills that are used and needed in producing and maintaining the websites of different types. The various genres of designing the web are web graphic designing, Interface designing, authoring, the inclusion of standard code and some of the software of the proprietors and search engine optimisation. There are many people who can give in team efforts to cover different aspects of the design process.Web-Design

The phenomenon of web design process is related to the client end of the designing a website, and this includes writing a markup. The process of web designing is a part of web engineering and shows a lot of scopes for the web development too. Web designers need to have a god knowledge on the usability of the web and the role that they play includes them being updated about the different ways to access the guidelines of a website.

There are different ways to design a website ranging from the process of UXPin that is a common collaboration of UX platform. It is found to be popular for its free library of designs that can give way to a large number of web designs. It provides a complete six weeks ecourse that happens to be free of cost. The course is meant to be done with the usage of the Internet connection, and one can take the course anytime for at least a month and a half.

The course involves the classes being taken by Carrie Cousins, who happens to be a digital designer who turned to be an author who has an experience of more than two decades. This course is delivered to the students taking it directly to the email which includes lessons happening every week. During the course, Carrie gets deep into the tactics of the techniques and tactics that are present before the six essential web design trends. Each of the lessons provided can be downloaded and are at least 80 pages.


The different patterns of web design are as follows:

  • Card UI patterns: This involves the designing of the website in which the features and the apps are arranged in the cards. The cards are placed on the screen and embedded in them. This involves calendars, apps, weather reports and new tabs too.
  • Usable Minimalism: It is a form of web design that involves, keeping the useful information in front of the eyesight and thus making way to get the important work done at first. It helps to find the information easily and keeps it simple.
  • Elegant White Space: In this form of web design, there is an elegant white space present in the page that ensures the free space and keeps the pages clear and does not give a chance of confusion to the readers.web-845809_1920
  • Flat Design Reborn: It is the web design that happens to be the trending one and the most used. In this, the programs, apps and other information are placed in a flat surfaced manner.
  • Delightful Micromovements: This form of web design happens to be the most flowery and colourful of all. In this, all the important and necessary information is designed and placed in a very creative manner thus making a delightful mind of the user.
  • Modern Typography:This form of web design involves the different writing and information in the new age and modern way of typography. The fonts used to write these, are of funky and modern types thus giving a new age look to the page.